Ataraxia is a neighbourhood simulator in text adventure form. Inspired by folk horror, mystery and landscape narratives, you play as a newly-arrived traveller on a remote island.

Explore the world. Settle into your new home. Meet the neighbours. Go foraging. Have visions in the night. Grow fruit. Hunt a monster. Fall in love. Solve long-forgotten mysteries. Make contact with a strange and ancient entity in the woods. Fill your bookshelves. Adopt a cat.

  • Explore 4 unique regions
  • Discover 9 different storylines
  • Pursue friendship or romance with NPCs
  • Forage materials, grow plants, craft items and more
  • Uncover the island's lore and secrets

Ataraxia is free to play, but you can leave a tip if you like. Testers reported playthroughs lasting anywhere from 2 to 8 hours (a lot of this will depend on player choice and reading speed), with an average of around 5. Built in Twine.

Content warnings available from the title screen (click 'Credits & Content').

Cover illustration by Lauren Reisfeld (Twitter)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(63 total ratings)
AuthorLauren O'Donoghue
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure, Role Playing
Made withTwine
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Mystery, Narrative, Romance, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Twine
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I love the way there are so many plots that uncover mysteries about the island, making it seem full of adventure! It’s so detailed and interesting and (I could go on forever) but my favourite little thing was that after a short while, everything feels really cosy and homely. 

Also, I’m curious: are there little bits of Greek mythology and practices in there? Especially the Four Temperaments sounding like they were drawn from the Four Humours (blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm) so that was an interesting surprise. 

All in all, I love this game and I’ll play again… with a different romance this time! Ivo was terrifically cute, but I’m deciding to explore Dagmara or Jonah’s subplots next. 

Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

The Four Humours I pinched from the ancient system of medicine yes! There's lots of little bits and pieces of folklore from all over peppered around the game, I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to influences haha

Brilliant! I tend to do the same when it comes to fictional inspiration. Bits from here, there and everywhere, because I can never seem to stick to one. It does spice things up! 

I've just found this masterpiece now ;-;

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

I finished it, yay! I loved sanvi and the many dates! I always love more dates in romance content :) thank you for your hard work!

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Ivo is so sweet! I really like all the different stories in this!

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What do you mean by saves to your browser storage? 

On computer, mobile, Or both?

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when I close my app my progression disappears

Sorry you're having issues saving the game! When you save from the main menu screen that data should save to the cache of whatever browser you’re using - I'd recommend downloading onto desktop and opening in Chrome for the most reliable results (I know Twine doesn't work great in some browsers such as Safari)

English isn’t my first language so I don’t really know What a cache is, could you explain What i should do?

No worries! To be honest I'm not an expert on the technical details myself, but I think it's a bit like how your search history is saved by whatever browser you're using (like Chrome, Safari, etc.)? I'd recommend downloading the .html file and opening it directly instead of opening through the page. Hope that helps!

I wonder if the grey devil would ever be caught it is still a mystery.

OMG! This was so cute and sweet. I loved the romance subplot and the ending. You've inspired me. Now I want to make one of these games too!

Awww thank you so much!! You'll have to send it to me if you do!

I have been playing for a couple of hours and I must say, this is such a captivating and interesting game!! It's not one of those text based games where I see all the text and I'm lazy to read it. It was quite opposite with Ataraxia, I was reading every single word with such interest! Especially the story with the lost boy, such a plot twist! I agree with the comments about Ivo, he's pretty adorable and charming, but I somehow ended up with Sanvi, which I don't mind at all because she is gorgeous and I felt close to her after she shared her past. (also her nickname ''chick'' hehe). Amazing game!!!


thank you so much for your kind words, I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

i adored this game SO much and wrote a mini review for my newsletter a while back but forgot to actually post it here!!

If Stardew Valley had more folk horror and less pictures, it could be Ataraxia. You move to an island, get to know your neighbors, and solve their mysteries. I fell in love with Dagmara, the reticent lighthouse keeper, and stayed after the main story just to garden. Serene, melancholy, and gradually familiar, the way a house becomes a home.

Bonus cool points: your personality stats are the four humors.

oh that's lovely thank you so much! what's your newsletter? I'd love to subscribe!

its !! 🥰

Nice game! The island felt more and more like home as I played. Ivo was pretty charming, but I went for Sanvi. I like that other characters comment on your choice of romance! Really feels like they all know each other and have their own history. It was fun to uncover the mysteries of the island.

Really great game! Loved the story line and all the characters you can befriend/romance. Chose Sanvi this time round but the eccentric Ivo was a very close second. Thanks for sharing :)


oh. my. god. IVO????? OMg I LOVE HIM.

So glad you're enjoying! And yes, Ivo is proving to be very popular haha

LOVE this so much!!!!!!! it's like stardew valley in a way? it gave me the same vibes! my only complaint is that there isnt more ;_; thoroughly enjoyed this game


Thank you that's so kind to say! Someone once described it as 'if Robert Eggers made Stardew Valley' which I really enjoyed haha!

10/10 <3

this was amazing!!!! thank you so much for sharing i can't begin to describe how this game blew my expectations out of the water. i loved all the characters and felt very conflicted about who i should start a romantic relationship with, but ultimately chose jonah and he is very cute <333 ALSO the little detail of ivo teasing the player a little bit for starting a relationship with jonah?????? i was not expecting any sort of acknowledgement from any of the other characters and it surprised me so much but i LOVED IT. thank you for adding that it made me giggle out loud. literally mwah chef kiss i fully intend to replay this eventually (and i will most likely choose sanvi this time around, i love her) i was enthralled through every storyline, got all the achievements in one sitting and i'm sorry that this is so rambly and possibly incoherent but i'm just SO happy to have found this gem <33333

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback! I'm delighted you enjoyed it ♡


I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you for playing :)

THIS WAS SO GOOD !!!!!!!!! IM IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME AND IVO GOD I THINK THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS ON ITCH!!!!! im so happy i found this and not gonna lie but i wish ivo was real hes such a sweetheart who deserves the whole world and i would be willing to give it to him!! the story was so interesting and exciting!! oh to live a cute life with ivo qwq <3333 (kinda was hopping he would move in but cant keep him away from his new little home he just started!!)

also need to leave u a tip for making my new fav game >:[ <333333333


This is so kind of you I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for taking the time to comment, absolutely made my day ♡

i hope u make similar games to this!! id pay money for another!!!! ^^ <333

Bloody loved it. Well done!